Sunday, December 17, 2006

Study less and learn more !

The cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge is learning and reading carefully with intent to remember is studying. Everyone has there own methods and styles for learning. But how many of you are stressed of studying too hard? Your logic is the ‘more you study the more you learn’ but the logic of Smart Learning is ‘study less and learn more.'

For smart learning you need to have three things. First you have to listen or read with understanding, second you have to know how to meditate – get into alpha and third you need a tape recorder.

You should have proper understanding of what you are studying, only then the brain can remember it in the long run otherwise it will fade off soon. Now coming to meditation, normally when you are awake and doing your daily work your mind is in beta wave (a kind of electrical wave produced by the brain). This is the normal brain wave pattern. When you are day dreaming, or the time just before or after sleep, or higher concentration of mind then you are in alpha wave. When you are asleep you are in theta or delta waves. Human brain can remember or grasp more things when it’s in alpha or theta. You can concentrate more and information will be implanted more firmly at alpha. Meditation helps you to get into alpha or theta. It’s simple but requires good concentration and practice.

First relax your mind and body, take a deep breath, feel the silence around you, now concentrate on a spot around 45 degrees above eye level opposite to the chair you are sitting. Just keep looking at this point until your eye lids begin to feel a little heavy and slowly close your eyes. Then look upwards behind your eyelids at a 20 degree angle. Now slowly start counting in reverse order from hundred to one in two-second intervals. This requires concentration to count correctly and concentration is the key to success. As you do it you will be in alpha. Some may realize the difference and some may not because they have already been in this stage many times before.

Now to come out of the alpha, we need a technique, tell your self that when I count from one to ten I will come to beta (now do the counting), feeling wide awake and fresh than before. Practice this regularly and slowly you will master meditation.

Now you know how to reach alpha, so you can learn in alpha, you just have to give the right input. For this you require a tape recorder. First record the subject into a tape. You can read the subject aloud into the tape, repeat important definitions. Please note that you have to understand what you are reading and give stress on the words where ever required. This is to be done at beta. Now go to alpha and play the tape. It will be a good idea to keep your finger ready on the play button and begin the process of getting to alpha; otherwise you may lose concentration and move back to beta while searching for the play button. As you hear your own voice at alpha the information you hear will be registered in your mind.

Practice few sessions and you will be surprised that studying has become easier that before, you will really enjoy it. While listening to the subject try to visualize your text book, the pages, the lines in it, diagrams also. Once the tape is over come out of alpha. If required repeat listening process of course with understanding again, during revision time. Remember listening with understanding is the most important tool in smart learning.

Copy Right © 2006 by Cinoy.M.R