Saturday, December 23, 2006

Smart Self Healing

Your mind has the power to overcome any illness

Human body is having a very complex architecture but basically it is designed to be healthy. It has its own self-healing mechanism built in it. But many a times we are not able to control our body, some of our normal cells go crazy, develop into unhealthy cells. They behave differently, some multiply so rapidly that many times it will encompass its own blood supply and starve itself. There is unnecessary growth, irritation, pain and it kills your health. You take medicines to cure it, sometimes cut those cells away or radiate it to prevent its growth to regain your health. Medical science do their part but sometimes these cells are very sick and they die, killing you. May be we should do our part too to fight against these deadly diseases. HOW?

Our mind has a deep relationship with our body. It will be fruitful if you train your mind to heal your body. It is possible with meditation and words yes, mere words that are very powerful. When you hear meditation don’t think it wont work out for you, be positive, everyone can master meditation. But at this point I would like to concentrate on words and later I will come to meditation. I started with words because words have power that can control your mind to heal your body. I will prove the power of words.

Imagine that you are in a garden where you have so many oranges around you. You pick a big one, wash it. Look at the outside of it, its orange skin. Squeeze it a little and feel its firmness, you know its soft inside, there will be lot of juice inside, its fresh. Raise it near your nose, smell it, nothing smells quite like an orange. Peal off its skin, now you get its full smell, the odor is stronger and there is a slight burning feeling in your eyes. You close your eyes. Now take a piece of it and taste it, the juice swirls around your mouth. Really nothing tastes like an orange.

At this instant if you have imagined properly your mouth will be watering. Yes, words have watered your mouth. When you read the above paragraph your brain thought you are having an orange and it triggered the salivary glands to wash it away with saliva. It wasn’t real but words created reality like the flow of saliva. The brain is in charge of our body; it controls the working of each part of the body. Here you tell the brain that you are eating an orange and it goes to work. So words are powerful and your brain obeys them. So watch out, if you have a negative attitude and you use negative words or you listen to negative advice, then your brain will respond to it negatively.

Lets see a situation where you have fever and you have consulted a doctor and taken medicine. Suppose your friend calls up and asks, ”How are you feeling?”. You say “ Not so ok, very bad fever, I went to the doctor but on the way back home I had some sunshine on me and I think because of it my fever may increase.” Your brain will respond negatively, even you had medical assistance but your brain will listen to your words and make you more ill.

Now its time to throw light into meditation. When you meditate you are in different state of mind or in different levels. When you are awake and doing your daily work you are in beta level. When you are in day dreaming, or the time just before or after sleep then your are in Alpha level. When you are asleep you go to other level Theta or Delta. At alpha and theta your words have enormously increased power and when words are said with higher degree of emotions it can bring good control over your mind and body.

Now lets start the self-healing techniques. Normally you will be in beta, so you have to go to your meditate level alpha or theta. Before this, remove all negative thoughts in your mind, be very optimistic and believe that your mission will be achieved. (Your mission can be cure from illness or any other worries or tasks you want to achieve). Now you are a loving person you don’t have any evil in your mind, no feeling of guilt and anger. You are very understanding and forgiving person. You can feel good about it. Your mind is relaxed now but you need to relax your body too. Take a deep breath and start from your left foot, relax it. Then your leg, then the right side and so on your internal organs until you reach your throat & face. Slowly open up your mouth a bit so that your jaws too are relaxed. You will feel like weightless and will be amazed that how tensed your body was and now its clam and relaxed.

Now pick a spot or object about 45-degree above eye level, if your are lying on a bed gaze a spot on the ceiling or if you are sitting on a chair select a spot opposite to you. Just keep looking at this spot until your eyelids begin to fell a little heavy and slowly close your eyes. Now you look backwards, behind your eyelids, at a 20-degree angle. (It helps to reach alpha level quickly). Now slowly start counting from hundred to one in two-second intervals. This requires concentration to count correctly and concentration is the key to success. As you do it you will be in Alpha for the first time. Some may not feel difference because they may have been in alpha many times before without being practically aware of it.

Nest step is to visualize. Visualize a mental screen; imagine it not behind your eyelids or outside, its about few feet in front of you. Let the screen be like a movie screen. Now project yourself into it, first it will be a 2-dimensional image, concentrate more and make it real in 3-dimension, your body itself; associate it with your name. That is you are seeing yourself in the screen and if you call out your name, you should respond.

Now mentally speak to yourself of what you felt in beta before you started the mediation. Speak about being a positive, a loving forgiving person. Now mentally experience the illness that is troubling you. Feel it on you on the screen. This should be brief; this is to focus your healing energies to where they are needed. Now push this scene off the mental screen to right (at deeper level future is preserved as being on our left, the past on our right), erase the image of your illness and create a new image, a new “you” in the screen and experience yourself completely cured. Feel the advantage or gains you get now. You are in perfect health, you see your self very happy and cheerful in the mental screen.

Now, say (loudly or mentally), “Day by day (your name) e.g. Ram is getting better and better. I am really strong now; no virus or disease cells can attack me or effect my health. My body has the resistance to fight them successfully. It can prevent the growth of harmful cells and let the harmful cells die for ever.” Repeat these lines, same words over and over about 20 times. Repeat this technique two or three times a day and surely you will feel better and successful.

You can in fact customize your words according to your need and practice self-healing technique. You can even say” Never I will listed to negative advice or words from others and it wont effect me in any way”. You can say these words loudly even if you are not in meditative level. But the effect will be less. Words are more effective at meditative level because at this level all negative thoughts are diluted or neutralized and, the brain listens and take action as the body is designed to be healthy by nature i.e. repair itself. I insist to say loudly because your ears can hear it and it will be registered in your brains immediately. Suppose I ask, “Who is Ram?” you will raise your hand because my words triggered your brain and it lifted your hand. Note this happened in beta. So at alpha level your brain would function more effectively.

With practice you can start countdown from 100 or 50 or 10 even less to reach your level. There is also a shortcut to reach your level. You must have seen yogi’s hold together their thumb and the first two fingers of either hand when they mediate. So, all you have to do is just bring the three fingers together and your mind instantly adjusts to a deeper level. To trigger this mechanism, first go to your level using count down and now say to yourself loudly “Whenever I join my three fingers like this” – now join them “ I will instantly reach this level” Practice it for few days and then try it out.

You should also establish a method to come out of your level. When you want to come out say to yourself loudly “ I will come out of my level as I count from one to ten” – start counting, when it reaches ten open your eyes wide and feel refreshed.

You can take my word I have practiced these techniques and I am successful. When I have a headache, I go to my level, speak to myself and my headache vanishes even with out taking medicines. Usually headache happens due to stress and dehydration in my case. So first I drink lot of water before starting the technique. Then I begin my technique; my mind and body are relaxed, removing all stress. Then when I reach my level I say “Cinoy you have made up for the dehydration by drinking lot of water and now headache should vanish.” I repeat it few times, then come out of my level. Soon I feel the change the headache vanishes.

So to summarize go to your level, visualize your illness, the treatment (if any), your body’s immune mechanism, give orders to your brain and experience the result.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stress - some facts!

75% of the general population experiences at least "some stress" every two weeks (National Health Interview Survey).

Almost 9 out of 10 adults have experienced serious stress. More than 4 out of 10 adults suffer adverse health affects from stress, and some estimates suggest that 75 percent to 90 percent of all physician clinic visits are for stress related complaints.

The effects of stress may lead to actual medical illnesses, including heart problems, stomach problems, high blood pressure and headaches.

Stress also affects the immune system, which protects us from many serious diseases.

Stress also contributes to the development of alcoholism, obesity, suicide, drug and, cigarette addiction, and other harmful behaviors.

Stress speeds up aging process, memory loss, hair loss, increase in body weight or building more fat.

$300 billion, or $7,500 per employee, is spent annually in the U.S. on stress-related compensation claims, reduced productivity, absenteeism, health insurance costs, direct medical expenses (nearly 50% higher for workers who report stress), and employee turnover.

It's a fact, people who experience regular stress at work are five times more likely to fall sick than those who don't and its costing UK industries dearly. Recent figures released by the Health and Safety Executive suggest that of 67 million working days lost each year 60 percent of these are stress related.

A survey of the UK’s leading risk managers has predicted that stress is likely to become the most dangerous emerging risk to business in the early part of the twenty-first century.
Following the recent £210,000 payout to the warden of a mobile-home site, the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers reckons that employee stress is the single main emerging risk for UK organizations and the third most important facing society as a whole after genetically modified organisms and e-commerce.

In women, stress causes fatigue, hair loss, bad complexion, insomnia, disruption of menstrual cycle, low libido, lack of orgasm etc.

Women, in fact, may be at higher risk than men are from stress-related chest pain, although men's hearts may be more vulnerable to adverse effects from long-term stress, such as from their jobs.

Working mothers, regardless of whether they are married or single, face higher stress levels and possibly adverse health effects, most likely because they bear a greater and more diffuse work load than men or other women. This has been observed in women in the US and in Europe. Such stress may also have a domino and harmful effect on their children

Depressed or aggressive mothers are particularly powerful sources of stress in children, even more important than poverty or overcrowding. Children are frequent victims of stress because they are often unable to communicate their feelings accurately or their responses to events over which they have no control.

Girls tend to become stressed from interpersonal situations, and stress is more likely to lead to depression in girls than in boys

For boys, one study suggested events such as changing schools or poor grades are the most important sources of stress. Another indicated, however, that the probability of childhood behavioral difficulties in a boy is increased with the number and type of stressors encountered in the home.

As people age, the ability to achieve a relaxation response after a stressful event becomes more difficult. Aging may simply wear out the systems in the brain that respond to stress, so that they become inefficient. The elderly, too, are very often exposed to major stressors such as medical problems, the loss of a spouse and friends, a change in a living situation, and financial worries.

Studies show that caregivers of physically or mentally disabled family members are at risk for chronic stress. Spouses caring for a disabled partner are particularly vulnerable to a range of stress-related health threats including influenza, depression, heart disease, and even poorer survival rates. Caring for a spouse with even minor disabilities can induce severe stress. (Intervention programs that are aimed at helping the caregiver approach the situation positively can be very helpful at reducing stress and helping the caregiver maintain a positive attitude.) Wives experience significantly greater stress from care giving than husbands, and, according to a 2000 study, tend to feel more negative about their husbands than care giving husbands feel about their wives.

The lack of an established network of family and friends predisposes one to stress disorders and stress-related health problems, including heart disease and infections. And, a 2000 study reported that older people who maintain active relationships with their adult children are buffered against the adverse health effects of chronic stress-inducing situations, such as low income or lower social class. One study suggested this may be because people who live alone are unable to discuss negative feelings and so relieve their stress.

According to one survey, 40% of American workers describe their jobs as very stressful. Job-related stress is particularly likely to become chronic because it is such a large part of daily life. And, stress in turn reduces a worker's effectiveness by impairing concentration, causing sleeplessness, and increasing the risk for illness, back problems, accidents, and lost time. Work stress can lead to harassment or even violence while on the job. At its most extreme, stress that places such a burden on the heart and circulation may be fatal.


Positive communication is facilitated if person A or person B or both are willing to express and accept differences. People think if they have a good language and correct accent then they can successfully communicate. Experts say stress on certain words is also important for better understanding. Yes I agree but these are just the basic requirements. I am not going in to these basics; I am here to explain the environment for positive result oriented communication.

The greatest road block in communication is our tendency to evaluate or make judgments once you hear or see something. This is our natural urge. We usually agree or disagree to a statement from our point of view. Sometimes we take a neutral stand too. Suppose this statement on which you evaluate has greater emotions, feelings and a strong message then your reactions will be heightened. Either you approve or disapprove the attitude expressed. This impulse to evaluate any emotionally meaningful statement from our point of view is what blocks interpersonal communication. If you ask why, it’s because of difference in background, experience, positive or negative attitude or level of motivation.

One more factor is important, it’s the vision you have. Your vision can be micro or macro or both. To throw light on micro and macro vision, I will give an example; some one with a micro vision will be like a frog in the well. It just knows what happens around it or in the well. To have a macro vision is like seeing through the hawks or eagles eyes. You have a good vision of the entire region. You know everything around you. You can anticipate and analysis things well.

Communication between two persons will be successful either if they both have a micro vision or they both have a macro vision and if when both have a micro and macro vision then communication and understanding will be excellent. But if one has a micro vision and other a macro vision then surely communication will fail. That’s why I said our tendency to evaluate as soon as you hear a statement will result in not to hear what exactly other person meant and hence misunderstanding leading to negative communication.

The solution is very simple first learn to listen what others say, understand it properly, clarify it and eliminate all misunderstanding then make judgments. It seems simple but it is difficult for most of us. Listening with understanding and taking clarification will help to build up a vision which is matching. This helps to understand other person’s point of view and their vision which help to reach a good judgment. For example a Manager who listens to his employee is more likely to engender trust and thus honesty. And when employees tend to talk straight because Manager is ready to listen and without fear of reprisal, it will boost their self confidence as the employee finds that the organization values their input.

Judgments or evaluation should be done only after careful listening with understanding, elimination of all confusions and achieving clear clarity on each others views. Sometimes we will have to consider the short run and long run goals too, not just the micro and macro vision. So, the combination of all these factors along with the basics mentioned at the beginning facilitates excellent positive communication.

Study less and learn more !

The cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge is learning and reading carefully with intent to remember is studying. Everyone has there own methods and styles for learning. But how many of you are stressed of studying too hard? Your logic is the ‘more you study the more you learn’ but the logic of Smart Learning is ‘study less and learn more.'

For smart learning you need to have three things. First you have to listen or read with understanding, second you have to know how to meditate – get into alpha and third you need a tape recorder.

You should have proper understanding of what you are studying, only then the brain can remember it in the long run otherwise it will fade off soon. Now coming to meditation, normally when you are awake and doing your daily work your mind is in beta wave (a kind of electrical wave produced by the brain). This is the normal brain wave pattern. When you are day dreaming, or the time just before or after sleep, or higher concentration of mind then you are in alpha wave. When you are asleep you are in theta or delta waves. Human brain can remember or grasp more things when it’s in alpha or theta. You can concentrate more and information will be implanted more firmly at alpha. Meditation helps you to get into alpha or theta. It’s simple but requires good concentration and practice.

First relax your mind and body, take a deep breath, feel the silence around you, now concentrate on a spot around 45 degrees above eye level opposite to the chair you are sitting. Just keep looking at this point until your eye lids begin to feel a little heavy and slowly close your eyes. Then look upwards behind your eyelids at a 20 degree angle. Now slowly start counting in reverse order from hundred to one in two-second intervals. This requires concentration to count correctly and concentration is the key to success. As you do it you will be in alpha. Some may realize the difference and some may not because they have already been in this stage many times before.

Now to come out of the alpha, we need a technique, tell your self that when I count from one to ten I will come to beta (now do the counting), feeling wide awake and fresh than before. Practice this regularly and slowly you will master meditation.

Now you know how to reach alpha, so you can learn in alpha, you just have to give the right input. For this you require a tape recorder. First record the subject into a tape. You can read the subject aloud into the tape, repeat important definitions. Please note that you have to understand what you are reading and give stress on the words where ever required. This is to be done at beta. Now go to alpha and play the tape. It will be a good idea to keep your finger ready on the play button and begin the process of getting to alpha; otherwise you may lose concentration and move back to beta while searching for the play button. As you hear your own voice at alpha the information you hear will be registered in your mind.

Practice few sessions and you will be surprised that studying has become easier that before, you will really enjoy it. While listening to the subject try to visualize your text book, the pages, the lines in it, diagrams also. Once the tape is over come out of alpha. If required repeat listening process of course with understanding again, during revision time. Remember listening with understanding is the most important tool in smart learning.

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