Sunday, December 17, 2006


Positive communication is facilitated if person A or person B or both are willing to express and accept differences. People think if they have a good language and correct accent then they can successfully communicate. Experts say stress on certain words is also important for better understanding. Yes I agree but these are just the basic requirements. I am not going in to these basics; I am here to explain the environment for positive result oriented communication.

The greatest road block in communication is our tendency to evaluate or make judgments once you hear or see something. This is our natural urge. We usually agree or disagree to a statement from our point of view. Sometimes we take a neutral stand too. Suppose this statement on which you evaluate has greater emotions, feelings and a strong message then your reactions will be heightened. Either you approve or disapprove the attitude expressed. This impulse to evaluate any emotionally meaningful statement from our point of view is what blocks interpersonal communication. If you ask why, it’s because of difference in background, experience, positive or negative attitude or level of motivation.

One more factor is important, it’s the vision you have. Your vision can be micro or macro or both. To throw light on micro and macro vision, I will give an example; some one with a micro vision will be like a frog in the well. It just knows what happens around it or in the well. To have a macro vision is like seeing through the hawks or eagles eyes. You have a good vision of the entire region. You know everything around you. You can anticipate and analysis things well.

Communication between two persons will be successful either if they both have a micro vision or they both have a macro vision and if when both have a micro and macro vision then communication and understanding will be excellent. But if one has a micro vision and other a macro vision then surely communication will fail. That’s why I said our tendency to evaluate as soon as you hear a statement will result in not to hear what exactly other person meant and hence misunderstanding leading to negative communication.

The solution is very simple first learn to listen what others say, understand it properly, clarify it and eliminate all misunderstanding then make judgments. It seems simple but it is difficult for most of us. Listening with understanding and taking clarification will help to build up a vision which is matching. This helps to understand other person’s point of view and their vision which help to reach a good judgment. For example a Manager who listens to his employee is more likely to engender trust and thus honesty. And when employees tend to talk straight because Manager is ready to listen and without fear of reprisal, it will boost their self confidence as the employee finds that the organization values their input.

Judgments or evaluation should be done only after careful listening with understanding, elimination of all confusions and achieving clear clarity on each others views. Sometimes we will have to consider the short run and long run goals too, not just the micro and macro vision. So, the combination of all these factors along with the basics mentioned at the beginning facilitates excellent positive communication.